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Who I Am

Exploring Body, Heart, and Consciousness

I came to the practice of mind-body counseling from a lifetime of meditation practice in the Buddhist tradition. I am fluent in the Tibetan language and have been a professional translator for almost ten years. My exploration of consciousness brought me face to face with the parts of me that resisted my own freedom. Spiritually weary and frustrated, I had to double back from the search for transcendence in search of psychological healing and (re)discovering my own wholeness. To my surprise, I have found the personal and relational healing journey to be tremendously spiritual, and my spirituality has become far more personal and relational.

I really found my home in the Hakomi Method*. I am deeply passionate about meeting people in their depths, about helping them study who they are and what made them that way, meeting their hurts, uncovering their gifts, and discovering the most whole and authentic versions of themselves to bring into the world. In these precarious times, our world needs people who live from a place of confidence, wholeness, and purpose.


My approach is twofold. I use the Hakomi Method to deepen your felt-sense and self-knowledge, meeting and transforming the wounding that so often informs and limits who we can be. This experience can be tender, mindful, and is deeply embodying. I also use the Re-Creation of the Self approach to reveal, stabilize, and integrate your core self--who you really are---free of that wounding. This process can be liberating, empowering, and clarifying. In both cases, the path leads through your self, your body, and your heart. As you unburden yourself of what was, you continually emerge into what is---more free and more yourself, more compassionate of your own and others' wounding, and more empowered and solid as you engage with the world. I also offer trauma specific interventions aimed at releasing trauma symptoms from the body and making new meaning of traumatic events.

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To this path, I bring my passion for somatic inquiry and movement. In addition to meditation training in mindfulness, awareness, and embodiment, I have been studying Continuum with Susan Harper and other teachers for the last four years. I bring these practices into my counseling work, helping clients to find ground, truth, clarity, guidance, and genuine impulse in their bodies. This transforms the healing journey from a head-centered project into a rich and embodied, whole being-centered journey.

The Hakomi Method is an experiential, body-centered, somatic approach to psychotherapy that is scientifically grounded, psychologically current, and spiritually grounded. Hakomi uses the present experience of the body to go below ordinary consciousness so you can tap into the hidden truth, wisdom, and essential guidance that lives in the body's depths. 

Counseling Training

Certified Hakomi Practitioner
Re-Creation of the Self

Somatic Trauma Therapy - Trauma to Dharma

Somatic Touch Work - Tamura Method

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