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a journey into wholeness

I am certified in the Hakomi Method of mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy. My passion is to help you discover who you are--in relation to and yet beyond the conditioning of family and culture. Life is overwhelming and complex, so as children we often assemble a map of the world and ourselves which limits possibility in service of safety. It was helpful then, but as we grow up, it proves to be too narrow and confining to allow the fullest expression of our uniqueness in the world.

In our work together, mindfulness - your own natural self-awareness - makes an opening, by which we can slip through the storytelling mind into the wilderness of feeling, emotion, and memory. There, we can uncover the hidden rules by which you live and see if they need updating or perhaps even wholesale revision. What's really true and right for you? As we meet and ease the pain that often lives beneath the surface of our being, deeper and more authentic and more organic possibilities naturally emerge from within - allowing a more fundamentally whole, embodied, authentic, and connected relationship with others, the world, and ourselves.

This will be a journey through wholeness. I will meet you with loving acceptance of you and all your parts, for they all have their place, their own genius, and have helped you get this far. In relating lovingly with whatever and whoever shows up in the present moment, the body-mind begins to unburden itself of tension and struggle. Wholeness - a deep sense that you are good, complete, loveable, and dignified - begins to emerge from deep within. You can feel and know this, as it is your birthright. This wholeness will give you the capacity to meet, feel, and heal your wounds and to express your gifts.

Please contact me for a twenty minute phone call to see if working together feels right for you. 

Timothy Hinkle

timothy (dot) hakomi (at) gmail (dot) com

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