Timothy Hinkle

Somatic Counseling
Certified Hakomi Practitioner

Tibetan Translator

healing     embodiment     connection     presence     wholeness

My wish is for you to be so connected to 

your wholeness, that when you meet the pain

and challenges of life, you have the confidence

to do so directly, and to let them break like

waves across your heart, without wavering from  

               the   fullness   of   who   you  are.

What I Offer

Individual Counseling

In our counseling sessions, we’ll work to uncover, deconstruct, and heal the limiting beliefs and habits you hold and open to new and more organic possibilities for living. In the field of warm, loving, and nonjudgemental presence, the psyche can naturally unburden itself of past hurts. As we heal, we strengthen our resources. This process can be relational, embodied, and inspiring. I offer free half hour telephone consultations.

Embodied Meditation Guidance

Meditation is just a word meaning cultivating the art of being with yourself, in body, mind, and spirit. Based on twenty years of experience in Buddhist practice and a deep love of somatic inquiry and movement practices, I can guide you into a fuller relationship with your body/mind and help you develop a practice which brings greater embodiment, emotional coherence, and mental stability. When appropriate, I incorporate meditation and movement in my counseling sessions.

Contact Me

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email: timothy(dot)yeshe(at)gmail(dot)com

phone: (510) 473-5250

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